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Work packages

PROJECT NUMBER: 2023-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000154536



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Work package 1


Project Management

Leading organization: APPLICANT/FUNDACIÓ TR@MS


Overall coordination: The Applicant/FUNDACIÓ TR@MS will oversee the overall coordination of the project, including the development of a Project Handbook

Daily management: The Applicant/FUNDACIÓ TR@MS will monitor project’s implementation and provide with task, time and financial management tools (Project Handbook) A Quality Manager (P03) will create the QAP, detailing all the quality and evaluation processes.

Work package 2


CO.DE 4 Teachers

Leading organizations: P04/  Agrupamento de Escolas José Estevão & P05/ Inspectoratul scolar judetean Iasi


Main objectives:

1) The project aims to formalize the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary for teachers to utilize the co-design approach in the classroom, resulting in the "Co.De. Competence Model". This model will serve as a framework for teacher readiness assessment in co-design learning and approach through an e-questionnaire.

2) Additionally, micro-learning opportunities, or "learning snacks," will be developed to support teachers in bridging any gaps in their competences and background required for multidisciplinary co-design learning. Finally, teachers' competences in co-design learning and methods will be enhanced through training sessions.

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Main results:

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Work package 3


CO.DE 4 classrooms

Leading organizations: P02/ BUDOKOV FILM & P03/ IDEC


Main objectives:


1) Develop and test an educational resource: Create an online interactive training space to support secondary school teachers and students in integrating co-design learning into humanities lessons. This resource will serve as a repository and e-learning platform for digital educational content.

2) Train teachers on toolkit usage: Provide training for teachers to actively adopt new practices inspired by co-design using the developed toolkit.


3) Enhance teachers’ capacity: Improve teachers’ ability to implement innovative teaching methods inspired by co-design in the classroom.


4) Enhance knowledge about co-design learning: Increase both teachers’ and students’ understanding of concrete ways to innovate the learning process through co-design.

Main results: Toolkit 4 Classrooms, a Moodle-based platform, designed to support secondary schools in adopting co-design learning through a multidisciplinary approach. It will host digital education contents and encourage knowledge exchange, facilitate social inclusion, and introduce users to the latest digital learning tools. The platform will include a Moodle-based learning management system (LMS) offering personalized learning experiences with a wide range of activities. This Co.De. Toolkit aims to revolutionize Moodle-based LMS by extending offline capabilities beyond quizzes and SCORM to include features like private messaging, course notes, surveys, forums, wikis, and offline assignments, catering specifically to the needs of secondary school students and teachers.


Work package 4


Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability



Main objectives:

1) Raise awareness:  Promote understanding of early school leaving in the EU and prevention methods through innovative actions and behaviors.

2) Innovate learning methods:  Advocate for learner-centered approaches and engagement in learning to reduce early school leaving rates.
3) Strengthen knowledge and engagement:  
Enhance understanding of project results across the EU and engage stakeholders directly and indirectly. 
4) Extend impact and mainstreaming:  
Influence other EU schools, teachers, and education organizations by sharing experiences, implementing the Co.De. model, and disseminating a Memorandum of Understanding for its adoption.

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Main results:

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Design of the Project Visual Identity

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Design and development of the Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Plan

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Design and development of the Project Website

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Design and Implementation of the Online Project Dissemination

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Design and Implementation of the Offline Project Dissemination

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Design and Implementation of the Sustainability Strategy